Components of Successful GSM Termination


Before you start a VoIP GSM termination business, you must consider all the details. Entrepreneurs often make mistakes at the start; instead of the profit they suffer losses in the end. SIM-cards are massively blocked by the antifraud systems of operators if you do not build an effective logic of termination in advance.


There are several conditions that the novice terminator should provide doing his business.


  1. Buying equipment in accordance with business needs.
  2. SIM-cards, which are suitable for the termination.
  3. Efficient simulation of the behavior of a real user.
  4. The use of the SIM-bank together with the SIM-server.
  5. The stable Internet.


The most popular terminators’ equipment at an early stage is go ip, because if these locks are inexpensive and have a good functional. But not all the newcomers approach the choice of models and the number of devices competently. To begin with, you can buy 2-3 gateways equipped with 4/8 channels. If you agree with the company-originator on the landing of much traffic, you should analyze your capabilities in advance.


In this case, you will need several multichannel gateways – goip 8 port gateway, equipped with 16/32 channels. Here, as in any business, you need to match your start-up capital and profit potential. It makes no sense to buy equipment that has a lot of of ports, if you do not use them all.


To do a termination, you should buy SIM-cards which do not cause suspicion among GSM operators. For example, you should not buy cards, which have different last digits only. Moreover, you cannot activate them simultaneously. Also select the right tariff for local calls: it must be the most advantageous so the difference in the cost of international and local calls can be as much as possible.


In order to efficiently simulate the behavior of a real person in the GSM network, you need professional software. You will not achieve the desired result manually moving the SIM-cards from one slot to another. In addition, you need to enlist the support of reliable competent technicians who understand not only telecommunications or VoIP technology but GSM termination as well.


In order to consistently profit from landing calls, you’ll need a device such as the SIM-bank. This is especially true for those terminators who conduct big amounts of international traffic and work doing several directions. Using this equipment, you can remotely manage all gateways, even if they are located in different regions, cities or countries. Using the SIM-bank together with special-purpose software – a SIM-server, you can computerize most of the workflows to save your time and increase your profits.


Do not forget that for the normal operation of the VoIP GSM gateways need a good high-speed internet. The data transmission rate for a single channel should be at least 32 kilobytes per second.

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